Students of IOU Degree program receive over 200 GB of Data during the course of their studies. IOU allows students to download the text, audios and videos that form part of the course material for personal use (they are not allowed to share these materials as part of the Copyright policy imposed on them).
Keeping this data safe and backed up is time consuming, expensive and challenging for the students and frequently they lose the data. Once they pass a course they cannot access the course again to get the course material unless they enroll again by paying fees.

Students have mailed us asking for help on this issue and that led to the idea of the IOU – CAMBUS. IOU’s Course All Material Back Up Service.
IOU CAMBUS will be a reliable cost-effective cloud backup solution for IOU students and alumni. It ensures that students never lose their course material and can refer back to it whenever and wherever needed. It also gives 24/7 on the go mobile friendly backup of the following material:

  • Books and syllabuses
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Live session recordings
  • Students Study Notes

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