Bachelor in Education

Bachelor in Education

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.)

“The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people.” (Al-Mu᾿jam Al-Awsat hadeeth, 5787)

Being a teacher is very honorable and outstanding position. It is a position that may have a great impact on person’s future. Islam has paid considerable attention to teachers since they are the first brick in the structure of social development. They are the cause of guiding and developing behaviors and minds of individuals and communities. They are among the most beneficial people in the society and thus among the best of people.

Consequently, it is important that teacher will follow true Islamic teachings and understand them correctly.

In general, a person who wants to understand and act upon his religion while being an educator needs to do two separate studies; in education and in Islamic studies. Islamic Online University offers a magnificent opportunity to gain knowledge in education while being taught true Islamic teachings.

Bachelor’s degree in Education from Islamic Online University will be beneficial to the students in this life and in afterlife.


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