Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

Master of Arts in Islamic Studies

MA in Islamic Studies (MAIS)

The Islamic Online University (IOU) launched the world’s first tuition-free Master’s degree in Islamic Studies completely online and in English medium. This is an excellent opportunity for BA students to continue, further and enhance their understanding and knowledge of the religion.

The program consists of 18 courses and MA thesis. MAIS is completed during the minimum period of two years and maximum of six years. Courses are divided into three semesters of six subjects each and final semester contains a MA thesis.

Higher education will enable students to expand their knowledge and skills, be more effective and eloquent in speech and writing. For those who wish to enter the working field, higher education is a great asset in acquiring good and valuable positions.

Higher education in Islamic studies is absolutely beneficial knowledge that will enable you, by the will and mercy of Allah, to perfect your religion and obtain the pleasure of Allah by seeking and sharing His way. It is in fact one of the ways how to gain rewards even when all the deeds seize once we pass away. More you know, more you can share, more of good you can gain and higher in levels of Paradise you can rise. ” Say, ‘Are those who know equal to those who do not know?'” Qur’an, Az-Zumar 39:9

Following MA in Islamic studies is taking the following hadith to a higher, more perfect level: Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 74

Thus Muslims are encouraged to pursue perfection in any action.

“Indeed, Allah loves that whenever any one of you does something, he or she does it in the best way.” Collected by at-Tabaraani.


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